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[14 Mar 2011|11:59pm]

I still get super sad when I think of our author friend's untimely demise.  I recently read a bunch of articles, one of which was: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2009/03/09/090309fa_fact_max
That's not the newest thing ever so maybe it's been posted here already.  It was a really penetrating look into David as a person, teacher, husband, son.  I'm so thankful they treated his depression like the serious illness it was.
I have begun collecting some DFW memorabilia.  I wish I had gone to take a class with him at ISU when I had the chance.
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regarding spam, the state of things, etc. [10 Jan 2011|10:36am]

Hey all, it's your absentee landlord jervo here, just here to apologize for all the spam that's coming through.  I don't really use LJ all that much anymore, but I find I keep having to come back here every day to delete some sort of horrible crap.  

As I haven't actively participated in the community (or on LJ itself) in years, and as the community is somewhat dead, and as the vast majority of posts that appear are these spam entries, I'm debating whether to close up shop entirely, or just hand the reins over to someone else that may want to maintain this place.  Since I'm sure we're all looking forward to the release of The Pale King later this year, it would certainly be nice to have a friendly, lively place for discussion that isn't cluttered with boobs and ads.  If that place is still this place, then great - if that place is somewhere else, so be it.

So, there it is.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you guys want to do. 
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Eugenides nods to Himself [04 Jun 2010|01:41pm]

Spot the inspiration here.
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What David Foster Wallace Circled in His Dictionary [26 Apr 2010|07:11pm]

Posted April 14, 2010 on Slate, with thanks to the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas-Austin for providing the list.

Read more...Collapse )
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DFW Archive acquired by UT Austin [09 Mar 2010|01:19pm]

David Foster Wallace Archive Acquired by Harry Ransom Center

"...The Wallace materials are being processed and organized and will be available to researchers and the public in fall 2010.

Some items from the archive can be viewed at www.hrc.utexas.edu/dfw, and a selection of materials will be on display in the Ransom Center's lobby through April 9."
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And The Guardian on the works of James O. Incandenza... [16 Jan 2010|12:54pm]

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Selections from the filmography of James O. Incadenza [09 Jan 2010|12:55am]

[ mood | excited ]

isn't "failed entertainment" normally a pejorative term?

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Brief Interviews with Hideous Men film [10 Oct 2009|05:32pm]

Just thought I would let everyone know that the John Krasinski film adaptation of BIWHM is available onDemand via "IFC in Theaters" if you have that on your cable roster.

Out here on the west coast Comcast and Charter have it, sure there are others around the rest of the country.

It's pretty much the only way to see it, unless you live in NY or Los Angeles, as those are the only places it's in theaters.
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Film Inspired by J.O. Incandenza [10 Oct 2009|06:22pm]

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[21 Aug 2009|01:10am]

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WPR's To the Best of Our Knowledge has a fairly comprehensive hour long remembrance up now.

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kenyon grad address? [03 Aug 2009|03:05am]

does the text of the dfw kenyon graduation address exist anywhere for free now? i don't really want to buy the weird one sentence per page gift book listed on amazon. i mean i probably will buy it for completion's sake, but i'd like to read it first.
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online group read [21 May 2009|07:28pm]

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New Yorker trifecta [01 Mar 2009|02:55am]

[ mood | taxed ]

Wiggle Room, an excerpt from the unfinished "The Pale King," the manuscript of which is due to be published next year by Little, Brown.

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Trailer from "Brief Interviews With Hideous Men" film [17 Jan 2009|06:22pm]

article here

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Flickr photo tour [10 Jan 2009|06:44pm]

Infinite Jest tour of Boston

(cross-posted to b0st0n)
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Here are two recent articles of note concerning DFW written [06 Dec 2008|02:00pm]

pre- & post- passing.
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[05 Oct 2008|09:36pm]

I turned this in to DFW on 9/12/2007, and when I got it back, it was annotated with the following comment:

And DFW drew me a happy face!Collapse )

Put it there purposefully, a bit off-center, because now, when I write, I see this little guy smiling back at me.

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Bad Elegy Alert [18 Sep 2008|12:21am]

Not to ghoulishly drop into this community and drop some bad poetry out of nowhere, but I thought it would be for the best to post here, it's a more appropriate fit in Livejournal than the Wallace list-serv, which I've been (mostly lurking) a member for nearly eight years now. (Not sending it out is not an option for me right now, writing, scratch that, writing for an AUDIENCE, is the only thing helping me out) Also, as a note, and this may have been mentioned earlier, so I apologize for any repition, iif you aren't on the wallace-l@waste.org, I recommend joining for at least a bit, it has been sort of a small, good thing (as Carver would have it) to help us through this rough patch. We have been each others grief counselers.

In any case. Two Davids

There are so many people in the world
Who will never, ever, meet David Jacco
Chances are that you are one of them

And there are so many words
Which have been left unwritten by David Wallace,
And we all know that they will never be written.

And if I weep
(And I do weep)
I weep as much for us
As I do for them
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[16 Sep 2008|05:18pm]

Year of Suck
my eyes are just not drying out today.
the eschaton has early come. kaboom.
at any rate, it seems impending doom
with subtle tones of almond and dismay.
just like that time before, when spalding gray
walked steadily to his ophelian tomb:
how many stories squandered, and for whom
were those belles lettres untold, we cannot say.
and so but how can dave be criticized?
no matter the despair, the angry fists
we want to shake at him, he realized
that all we do is utterly for naught.
in empathy, i go to shave my wrists
in broad strokes, south to north, as i was taught.

2008 September 15
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[15 Sep 2008|10:41am]

More indepth obituary from the New York Times, detailing Dave's long, and horrifically painful summer. I can only hope that he's now found that escape he was looking for. It just sounds like his last few weeks were wretched for him.

A particularly painful quote from his father stands out to me the most:
James Wallace said that last year his son had begun suffering side effects from the drugs and, at a doctor’s suggestion, had gone off the medication in June 2007. The depression returned, however, and no other treatment was successful. The elder Wallaces had seen their son in August, he said.

“He was being very heavily medicated,” he said. “He’d been in the hospital a couple of times over the summer and had undergone electro-convulsive therapy. Everything had been tried, and he just couldn’t stand it anymore.”

It's strange that he went off of the medication in June 2007 as I began classes with him in August through Decemeber and apart from a nasty bout of pnemonia that I know he was hospitalized for a week or so, nothing seemed noticeably off about him. But I suppose it's naive and trite for me to think I would have seen something in him in the 6 hours I saw him a week, as private a man as he was.

However, I was supposed to house-sit/dog-sit for him this summer while he and Karen traveled as they usually do, but he contacted me in early June to say their travel plans fell through. I hate to think that now it was because he was having so much inner turmoil that he wasn't able to travel, and yet from the sounds of it, that appears to be exactly the case.

And so as not end this post with anything TOO sad, though with news like this, sad sort of becomes relative, here is a wonderfully written tribute from The Huffington Post, from another Pomona professor, who knew him.

It's a nice insight into what he was like a man, when he was truly as his best, and not just as a writer.
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