Lita Ford's "Kiss Me Deadly" (shady_lamarr) wrote in dfw,
Lita Ford's "Kiss Me Deadly"

Bad Elegy Alert

Not to ghoulishly drop into this community and drop some bad poetry out of nowhere, but I thought it would be for the best to post here, it's a more appropriate fit in Livejournal than the Wallace list-serv, which I've been (mostly lurking) a member for nearly eight years now. (Not sending it out is not an option for me right now, writing, scratch that, writing for an AUDIENCE, is the only thing helping me out) Also, as a note, and this may have been mentioned earlier, so I apologize for any repition, iif you aren't on the, I recommend joining for at least a bit, it has been sort of a small, good thing (as Carver would have it) to help us through this rough patch. We have been each others grief counselers.

In any case. Two Davids

There are so many people in the world
Who will never, ever, meet David Jacco
Chances are that you are one of them

And there are so many words
Which have been left unwritten by David Wallace,
And we all know that they will never be written.

And if I weep
(And I do weep)
I weep as much for us
As I do for them
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