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I still get super sad when I think of our author friend's untimely demise.  I recently read a bunch of articles, one of which was: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2009/03/09/090309fa_fact_max
That's not the newest thing ever so maybe it's been posted here already.  It was a really penetrating look into David as a person, teacher, husband, son.  I'm so thankful they treated his depression like the serious illness it was.
I have begun collecting some DFW memorabilia.  I wish I had gone to take a class with him at ISU when I had the chance.
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regarding spam, the state of things, etc.

Hey all, it's your absentee landlord jervo here, just here to apologize for all the spam that's coming through.  I don't really use LJ all that much anymore, but I find I keep having to come back here every day to delete some sort of horrible crap.  

As I haven't actively participated in the community (or on LJ itself) in years, and as the community is somewhat dead, and as the vast majority of posts that appear are these spam entries, I'm debating whether to close up shop entirely, or just hand the reins over to someone else that may want to maintain this place.  Since I'm sure we're all looking forward to the release of The Pale King later this year, it would certainly be nice to have a friendly, lively place for discussion that isn't cluttered with boobs and ads.  If that place is still this place, then great - if that place is somewhere else, so be it.

So, there it is.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you guys want to do. 

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men film

Just thought I would let everyone know that the John Krasinski film adaptation of BIWHM is available onDemand via "IFC in Theaters" if you have that on your cable roster.

Out here on the west coast Comcast and Charter have it, sure there are others around the rest of the country.

It's pretty much the only way to see it, unless you live in NY or Los Angeles, as those are the only places it's in theaters.